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M.E.L.T. / Prayer (+ Alpha et Omega) / Follow my voice / Fratricide / Harrowed Man
The Members

Im the cause of anything
was there when it all begun
Im the essence of existance
my thoughts are creations blood
Im the cause of anything
the universal womb
the one who cares for you

so sow your seeds of innocence
and I let them grow
now Im mothers twin
the world you live in
the earth in its natural state
opposed to what men made out of it
opposed to what men made out of it
opposed to what men made out of it

Mother - Earth - Love - Truth

Im the reason for your thought
desire, ectasy - pain
Ill make you feel high
or wanting to die
friendship foundness - caresses
no you can not force me - no
no you cant destroy me - no
no you can not buy me - no

Ive sent my thoughts trough time and space
to catch you by the neck
Filled my voice into your mind
to reach you where ever you are
sent my thoughts through time and space
yea, spread my seeds and energy
to save you from hell
and every time I reach you, my touch means pain to you
theres nothing as real and brutal as me
Im the truth

Mother - Earth - Love - Truth

Marcus Testory 01.04.95