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M.E.L.T. / Prayer (+ Alpha et Omega) / Follow my voice / Fratricide / Harrowed Man
The Members

Its been a long, long time
folks fading away
oh, such a long dark time
and weve all been there
when it all begun
somehow, yea in a way
but it seemed to far from home to care
till some day someone you grew up with once
puts a gun to your head

Eves son killed his brother, the bible says
and since this day my brother, its our destiny

Cause we gave these simple words
meaning and sense
Yea, for a long dark time
so were all involved since it all begun
somehow, yea in a way
each one of us fratricides without a care
fanatism, egoism, greed, jealousy
guide us on our way

Eves son ...

is this what you want??

Marcus Testory,05.01.95