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12.94 The international experienced guitarist Frédéric Hauschild forms a new Band in Frankfurt-Germany. Session-Auditions include Christian Huhndorf (B) und Arne Klewitz (D), vocalist Marcus (Max) Testory is invited to join. Max leaves Paris and joins the Band - M.E.L.T. is born.

95-96 The 6-track EP "Promotional Preproduction Disc" and the unreleased album "Fragments Of A Forgotten Faith" are recorded, 1500 copies sold through Germany and Austria.

„...whoever is expecting a "thumbs-up" crossover, will be surprised listening to this..." (INTRO 03.96)

„...this Quartett from Frankfurt is convincing with good songwriting, solid Grooves and a decent production..." (Rock Hard 01.97)

„...this disc is genius, the vocals are the best thing I've put under my laser for a long time..." (Tribe 02.97)

10.96 Max plays the "Caspian", the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse, in the US TV-Series "Highlander" (#99 und #100)

04.97 M.E.L.T. compose three tracks for Episode #105 of "Highlander the Series"

06.97 Debut-CD "Mother Earth Love Truth" (Whampire Records/Koch International)

„...this could be the real m'coy for gothic fans..." (VISIONS 08.97)

„...M.E.L.T. supports the extraordinary vocals with a knife-edge mix of metal, gothic, rock late 70's and grunge of the early 90's...",

„ impressive disc, especially when guitarist F. H. in "Still Water" or "I'm In The Back Of Your Mind" comes closer to Black Sabbath-Riffs than Master Iommi himself..." (Metal Hammer 08.97)

03.98 In cooperation with the VOX TV the 6 track EP "Alpha et Omega" is released, including a TV Spot to push sales

04.98 M.E.L.T. Fanclubs "The Mother's Torch" are founded In Düsseldorf-Germany and London-GB as well as an american branch in Memphis/TN-USA. This Organisation (via Internet) have comitted themselves to preserve Nature and protect the Planet from destruction

02.99 M.E.L.T. plays their first UK show in Birmingham England as a side event of the Chronicles 99 Highlander Convention where Marcus is an invited as Guest Star..

03.99 3 Songs are produced with Marc Bugnard (Ex-Roko) which takes the band a giant step in the right direction once again. Growing within the band and as individuals is the logical conclusion.

Download this Previously Unreleased Material :-
Wild Child

12.99 M.E.L.T. plays their 5 years jubilee concert in their hometown. A special home video cut of their musical experiences is shown on a giant wall during the show.

06.2000 Recordings of 5 new Tracks at the Freezee Bee Studios in Frankfurt. This new Demo EP is called STRANGE and produced by Jan Biermann and M.E.L.T.. The Band signs a contract with the german booking agency MUCKELPU and contract negoiations with a big german independant distributor are nearly closed.

10/2000 After 6 Years the band spilts up. The musicians of M.E.L.T. decided to go separate ways.

12/2000 Launch of "Pleasure and Pain" by Marcus' new band 'Chamber
Arne and Chrissy join Frankfurt band SISKO
Fred teams up with Caroline Wolf to form an acoustic duo, as well as beginning a new session project with other local musicians

We've just managesd to upload a couple of tracks from the final MELT cd STRANGE - a last parting gift from the band....
Everyone gets what he deserves