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"Mother Earth Love Truth" is the name of the brandnew band around Marcus Testory (Ex-Singer of A Wedding Anniversary). A compact and very homogen sound is the musical basis of the band. The whole thing is supported by Testory´s charismatic voice, which is incomperable in Austria!

Kurier; Austria, 27.05.95

However you may describe the music of the four professional musicians, M.E.L.T. convinces with their roaring huge sound and Testory´s remarkable vocals .

Fritz, das Magazin; Frankfurt 11.95

You can pray respect for "Mother Earth" or you can practise it. The Gothic-Grunge band M.E.L.T. decided to practise it. They are still a topsecret newcomer tip but singer Marcus Testory and his guys are definetly on their way to the top!

Journal; Frankfurt, 03.96

Power Rock with viennese charme - M.E.L.T. - convincing concert in Gießen - Singer will appear as bad guy in "Highlander" TV Series. > Marcus Testory also shows actor-qualities as rock singer on stage. There he likes to show up as the mystic opague dark guy. The music is played tight, live and in the studio and the lyrics are worth listening to it. They offer a closer look to the basic influences which are about ethno poetry, philosophy and shows a positive intellectual sight although the music does not underline this at anytime. Search of sence, truth, authencity and respect for creation are the bands central issues and this is highly unusual for a heavy-rockband like them. Without a doubt they demonstrate an intractable power and influence on stage.

Gießener Allgemeine, 25.01.97

Marcus Testory, singer of the Celtic-Rockband M.E.L.T., stood in front of the Camera in the south of France, shooting episodes # 99 and # 100 of the TV-Series hit "Highlander" with Adrian Paul as the main caracter and director. The Oberursel citizen plays the role of Caspian the 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse. In the meantime Testory is invited as starguest at the Highlander convention in Seattle to welcome the fans for an autograph session!

Journal; Frankfurt, 05.97

Frankfurts wildest man rides for the end of the world! Marcus Testory (30, Trademark: Dragon-Tattoo on the skull), singer of the Celtic - Rock - Band M.E.L.T. fights with sword and evil look against Adrian Paul as the "Highlander". M.E.L.T. has released their debut-CD. Title: "Mother Earth Love Truth". Mystic, powerful rocksongs. The songs "Alpha et Omega", "Follow my voice" and "Steps" were immediatly chosen for the "Highlander" soundtrack by the Hollywood producers.

Bild; Deutschland, 23.05.97