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02/2001 - Two sample tracks from the final M.E.L.T. demo "Strange" are made available for download. Go to the Truth section and click on the links

12/2000 Marcus' new band 'Chamber' launch their first CD
"Pleasure and Pain"
Read more about them at The Chamber Homepage

12/2000 Arne and Christian have joined a new band called SISKO.
The music can be described as dark Gothic Metal. You can hear them on-line at either the CallASong site or on Besonic (search : Sisko)

The band were rehearsal room neighbours of M.E.L.T. and engaged Arne right on the spot, Chrissy joined them later in December

They will start touring in January with the first show on 26 th at Frankfurt, Sinkkasten.
More Information will follow as soon as available.

12/2000 Fréderic has started an unplugged Acoustic Duo with Singer Caroline Wolf. Her voice goes in the Direction of Amanda Marshall and Anouk. As well as this Frederic has also started a session Project with 2 local Musicians Lars Riemer (Guitar) and Bernd Gimmler (Bass) which goes in the Space Power Groove 70 ties style direction. This formation will be completed by a Drummer soon and is also looking for a voice.
Main target is to play Live Clubs starting sometime next year.

As promised you will find 2 of the 5 last recorded M.E.L.T. tracks as MP3.
Files for download at the discography page (under truth). These are from the last production at the FREEZEE BEE Studios in June 2000 and are not available elsewhere.

On 1st September 2000 M.E.L.T. announced the split up of the band after almost 6 years together. Read their thoughts and thanks - Special Thanks List

June 2000 - Recordings of 5 new Tracks at the Freezee Bee Studios in Frankfurt. This new Demo EP is called STRANGE and produced by Jan Biermann and M.E.L.T..
The Band have signed a contract with the german booking agency MUCKELPU and contract negoiations with a big german independant distributor are nearly closed.
MP3 files will follow shortly

As of 12.1.2000 you can now download MP3 soundfiles of some of your favorite MELT tracks direct from this web site.

Take a trip to the discography section and get clicking!!

Don't forget to visit the guestbook and let us know what you think of them.....

The 5 Year Jubilee M.E.L.T. Party held on
17th December 1999 at the Jugendcafé Oberursel
was an amazing success.
A full report with pictures is available on the MTAS web site

Love On Sunday 28th February 1999 M.E.L.T. played their first ever UK gig in connection with Chronicles 99, a 'Highlander the Series' convention held in Birmingham .

The concert was organised and sponsored by the Marcus Testory Appreciation Society and was a roaring success.

Visit the MTAS Chronicles page for a full report