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Marcus Testory


Marcus Testory

Born 05.05.67 in Vienna, Austria
1,81 m high, 80-82 kg
Eyes and hair dark brown
perfect english and french
mothertongue german (viennese)

Swordfight, Horse ride, Shaolin Kung-Fu basics, voice over, grad. european Paramedic

Member of the german theater and event company "Stilbruch"

Featured on Highlander Series V - episodes 99 and 100 as Caspian - the horseman of the apocalypse

Performer, Singer and Guitarist

96/97 Highlander the Series:
"Comes a Horseman" (Gerald Hameline)
"Revelation 6:8" (Adrian Paul)

98 Nightworld:
"Pretty Girl Crossover" (Brian Grant)


A Wedding Anniversary:

89 "A.W.A." charted France (20) and Swizerland (1)
90 "Asylum"
93 "The Age of Lies"
97 "Best of Vol. 1"


96 "Fragments of a Forgotten Faith"
97 "Mother Earth Love Truth" featuring 3 Songs composed for Highlander episode 105
98 "Alpha et Omega" limeted edition EP

Kaspar Hauser Komplex:

98 "K-H-Komplex"

Contact: C.B.A. Cindy Brace Agency - 31 rue Milton 75009 Paris
+33 - 1 - 45 26 33 42